Simple Possession of an Estate

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Your parents passed away last year, or ten years ago, and one person or nobody is taking care of the property. We can help get ownership and control of the property so that you can manage it properly. Our process is simple and straight forward. There is no unnecessary legwork or paperwork required – we handle everything.

Here’s what happens when we PUT YOU IN POSSESSION OF YOUR PROPERTY:

  • Do it from the comfort of your home
  • No court appearance required in most cases*
  • Save both time and money in legal fees
  • Avoid stress and conflict with relatives
  • Get expert advice from people who’ve seen it all

Get possession of your property in less than a month?

We offer simple succession services that will put you in possession of your property quickly and easily. You won’t have to go to court, and there are no hidden fees. Plus, our lawyers are experienced in handling your simple succession without any drama or conflict.

Our simple “putting in possession” succession service is perfect for you and your relatives if you are looking for an easy way out of a complicated situation that has being hanging out there for months if not years. You’ll be able to move on with your life quickly and without any hassle.

How It Works

We know that the property may have been sitting in limbo for years and you think it can be very complicated. That’s why we want to make it as simple and easy for you as possible.

1. You just need to fill out a questionnaire

We’ll provide you with a questionnaire, or you can call us to go over the questionnaire to obtain the required information.

2. We then work behind the scenes.

We prepare the pleadings and send out the necessary documents to you.

3. We get the documents notarized.

You can go to a notary public, or we can arrange for a notary public† to come to you. You then return the documents to us.

4. We then work behind the scenes.

We prepare the pleadings and send out the necessary documents to you.

Reduces stress and conflict for all the heirs

But we’re talking about fighting over property, right? Or, you might think that there is no such thing as simply being put in possession of property. If ownership of the property hasn’t been transferred to the heirs, its more than likely that one person has been bearing the burden of taking care of the property and paying the taxes, insurance and maintenance more than others; or at least maneuvering to take care of property that’s still in the deceased’s name.

That said, there are some succession cases that are more complicated than others, but simple “putting in possession” is usually more simple than most. A simple “putting in possession” is simply putting title of the property in everyone’s name. Simple “putting in possession” allows you to move forward with managing the property properly.

So, if you don’t want drama, hard feelings, or the risk of losing the property for unpaid taxes or fines and liens, you need to connect with us now! We have years of experience dealing with putting heirs in possession of their inherited property, and we want to help you get through this process as quickly and painlessly as possible.

But, what are the rules?

Do you need to get control of property but don’t want a property fight? Then you’ve come to the right place. But is your situation “right” for this type of succession? 

Yes it is, as long as all heirs can be located and are willing to cooperate, the process is fairly simple.

The result, bank accounts, insurance policies, and vehicle title and registration issues can now be handled correctly without having to hide the fact that your loved one is deceased. Now assets can be divvied up or sold. Heirs can be reimbursed for the past taxes and expenses they’ve paid in the past. Alternatively, money can be borrowed against the property for repairs to make it a money generating asset.

Coming together to transfer succession property can save you a lot of money in legal costs. So if you are ready to start fresh and move on with this part of your life, click on the button below.

* Unless required by the Court
Notary public fees are not included in the attorney fees